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Saturday, September 25th at the Portland Art Institute ($15 - Register at the Door)

Limit: 100 Regisrants


About Cre8Camp

Cre8Camp is an unconference for creative industries professionals. It is an ad-hoc gathering for participants in the creative economy ecosystem to learn, network and share in an open environment led by the attendees. The magic happens in the interactions between participants. Cre8Camp is a nonprofit event affiliated with the Portland Creative Conference (Cre8Con) and Oregon Creative Industries.


Photos from a past Cre8Camp     Blog posts about past Cre8Camps


Next Event Details

When: Saturday, September 25th, 10:00am - 3:00pm (check-in starts at 9:30am) 

Capacity: Limited to the first 100 people to register

Where: Art Institute of Portland, 1122 NW Davis Street, Portland, OR 97209 (directions

Cost: $15 (includes lunch)


> Register at the Door



> Fan on Facebook

RSVP on Facebook


Upcoming.org Listing



Saturday, September 25th 

  • 9:30am Check-in & Networking
  • 10:00am Welcome & Orientation (all participants)
  • 10:10am Develop Topics & Sessions Plan (all participants)
  • 10:40am Session One (4 or 5 discussion topics to choose from)
  • 11:15am --BREAK-- (10 minutes)
  • 11:25am Session Two (4 or 5 discussion topics to choose from)
  • 12:00pm --LUNCH-- (box lunch served)
  • 1:00pm Session Three  (4 or 5 discussion topics to choose from)
  • 1:45pm --BREAK-- (15 minutes)
  • 2:00pm Session Four  (4 or 5 discussion topics to choose from)
  • 2:45pm Closing feedback session (all participants)
  • 3:00 Wrap up


Proposed Session Topics (add your own topic ideas here)

The session topics at Cre8Camp are developed by the participants.  Add your own topic ideas below or email topic ideas to portland (at) cre8camp (dot) org. (see list of sample Cre8Camp discussion topics)


  • Oregon Creative Industries: Update on this trade association that was born at the first Cre8Camp
  • Creating from within
  • Driving brand business to Portland to tap the Creative market
  • Getting local groups to talk to each other. Too many tiny professional organizations whose volunteers recreate the wheel
  • Overcoming obstacles
  • human behavior, psychology and motivation - why people do what they do and use the products they use  
  • Staying organized
  • How to flesh out ideas
  • How to tell a story 
  • social media journalism, web TV, independent filmmaking, webcasting 
  • Specialization vs. Generalization
  • Being your own Career Coach
  • Getting inspired
  • Collaborative Projects
  • DIY Filmmaking in Portland
  • Forming a "creative co-op" work environment
  • What is the proper amount of training/education, for what tasks?
  • Creative Social Media Ideas
  • Social media strategy integration between a website blog, Twitter, Facebook and Linked-In using RSS feeds.
  • I'm interested in forming a "creative co-op" work environment. It's still just a fledgling idea, so I'm hoping this unconference will help the idea take flight.
  • Paper and interactive prototyping
  • Enhanced e-books
  • Understanding Transmedia 
  • Tools of the Creative Trade 


Sample Past Session Topics 

  • Creative Rituals: what gets you into your creative space... how do you get connected to your creative source...?
  • This one time at band camp: your favorite client horror stories (we'll try not to mention any names)
  • Sleeping is for the weak: share tips on balancing family, work and play.
  • I work for myself/own a boutique agency. Why did you do it? Discuss. Share stories of trials and tribulations.
  • Health Insurance for Freelancers/Consultants. Resources. How to apply. How to stay safe.
  • Global Positioning: Galvanizing the Portland creative community to position us as a global creative services center: how can we work together to develop a shared vision and move it forward so more business comes our way?
  • Protecting your Idea: A new wave in creative idea protection. Utilizing and formulating industry standards to present work to clients, while maintaining good customer service. Can we see this evolve as a collective practice for creatives nationwide?
  • Retail Tech Overdosing, Experiential vs. Gallery design
  • The Milk Bath-A history of ways to decompress after a day battling clients and coworkers
  • Non-profits using the web to raise funds, build awareness 


Participants (limited to 100 people) 


91 People Registered so far...

  1. Rachelle Anderson, Visual Artist
  2. Clifton B, Information Architect
  3. Amy Boynton, Health Benefits Analyst 
  4. Tyler Carney
  5. Michelle Childs, Interaction Designer
  6. TJ Civis, Producer/Director/Director of Photography
  7. Sara Davey-Schmidt, Creative Talent Recruiter
  8. Jim Davis, Owner/Business Graphics
  9. John Davis, Project Manager
  10. Emily Dickinson, CEO, ClearCart
  11. Nate DiNiro - @unclenate - Business/Creative/Technology Strategist & Supporter,  Entrepreneur.
  12. Richard Donin, Principal/Music/Entertainment
  13. Eugene Ehrbar, Developer
  14. Aaron Frey, Illustrator/Cartoonist
  15. Kimberly Gehl, Video Producer
  16. Steve Gehlen, eCommerce executive, community builder
  17. Merilyn Gottlieb, Arts volunteer 
  18. Randall Hansen, Director of User Experience
  19. John Anthony Hartman - @feedia, Transmedia Producer - http://www.ihaverobots.com - 
  20. Vicky Hastings, Managing Director, Maxwell PR
  21. Jack Heiter, Artist/Writer/Animator
  22. Ian Henderson, Designer
  23. Gary Hirsch, Partner/On Your Feet (innovation through improv)
  24. Donna Hougland
  25. Scott Huber, Digital marketer
  26. Tommy Hubbard
  27. Paul Isakson, Founder, Thinkers & Makers 
  28. Lisa Ann Jansen
  29. Elise Jones, Graphic Designer 
  30. Joanna Kane
  31. Steve Kemper, Global Web Strategist
  32. Denise Ker, Event Producer
  33. Janna Kimel, chief experience officer
  34. Dina Khoury, Partner, Velocidi
  35. Stacie Krueger, Project Manager/Designer
  36. Kris Larson, Online marketer
  37. Amanda Lasher, Strategic Development
  38. Shannon Lattin, Senior Graphic Designer 
  39. Patricia Lavallee, Graphic/Web Designer
  40. Josh Lee, Creative Director
  41. Marcella Lentini, marketing communications
  42. Becky Lerner, Writer 
  43. Karen Lewis, Graphic Designer
  44. Kathleen Lyons, Piano/Law
  45. Chip Maybry, Account Executive, Rex Post
  46. Ann Marcus, Social Learning Network Project Manager
  47. Nicholas Marson, Web Developer
  48. Kristi Martin, interactive designer
  49. Nancy McClure, Designer/Trainer
  50. Emma McCreary, Web Host and Spiritual Business Writer
  51. Jason Miller, Web/Brand Development
  52. René Mitchell, Director of Client Services
  53. Henry Moreno, Creative Director
  54. Chad Mortensen, UX Designer @chadmortensen
  55. Ben Nicholes, student
  56. Magi Oriah Nock, Conversation Convener/Innovator
  57. Toni Noll, Photographer
  58. Gunther Oakey, Film Guy
  59. Erik Palmer, Creative Director
  60. Al Partridge, Developer
  61. Scott Peterson, Industrial Designer
  62. Noel Ponthieux, Senior Copywriter
  63. Jason Porath, Director of Product
  64. Cherie Prochaska, Managing Director
  65. DC Rahe, Creative Executive
  66. Rebecca Rapple, Product Manager 
  67. Cooper Richardson 
  68. Dan Rosen, Art director/designer
  69. Adam Rothstein, Print Production
  70. Barrett Ryker 
  71. Alisha Runckel, Marketer/Designer 
  72. Andy Santamaria, Constant Cultural Explorer 
  73. Shane Sasnow, Creative Facilitator
  74. Cassondra Schindler, Community Manager / Event Producer
  75. Laura Schultz, VFX Producer/Commercial Producer 
  76. Darby Sedcole, Digital Designer
  77. David Smith, Creative Director 
  78. Pascale Steig, Illustrator/Writer/Art Instructor/Cartoonist
  79. Anna Studer, Creative Director 
  80. Sara Thilman, President/ Creative Lead
  81. Jeffrey Thomas, producer & business development
  82. Ronni Valenti, Designer
  83. Amy Veltman, Collaborator/Consultant
  84. Theresa Weil, artist
  85. Tafflyn Williams-Thomas
  86. Julie Williamson, Art Institute of Portland 
  87. Nora Wolfe, artist
  88. Mariah Woodfork, Graphic Designer 
  89. Colleen Wright, Principal, Response Interactive
  90. Alyssa Young, LMT
  91. Marilyn Yu, Social Media Manater





Below are the volunteer roles at a typical Cre8Camp.  If you are interested in volunteering, you can add your name below or select a specific role during online registration


  • Marketing/Promotion:
  • Sponsor Development:
  • Designer (signage):
  • Venue Setup/Clean-up: 
  • Lunch coordinator:
  • Check-in Table (2): 
  • Photographer: 



Sponsorships start at $250.  For sponsorship opportunities contact Steve Gehlen at 503-819-6219.


Current Sponsors so far...






Association Sponsors


Industry Partner



  • Incoming sponsor donations (cash, in-kind)
  • Outgoing expenses  
    • insurance
    • food/beverage
    • misc. supplies


Task List

(cross out an item when is accounted for or assigned)



  • Update Cre8Camp Portland wiki page

  • Setup online registration form

  • WiFi

  • Projector

  • White Boards

  • Flip charts

  • Photographer

  • Video

  • Audio

  • Streaming




  • Tables and chairs


Tags for flickr, delicious, Twitter, ma.gnolia, technorati etc. 

Please use the following tags for content related to this event: 

  • Cre8CampPortland
  • Cre8Camp 


Who plans to tweet and/or blog at the event?



what is the proper amount of training/education, for what tasks?
Print Production

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